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LIGNANO - one of the most visited destinations of the Adriatic region and is situated on a sandy shore surrounded by the Di Marano lagoon. Lignano consists of two districts
CAORLE - This picturesque romantic town with its old fishing tradition was founded 2000 years ago by the old Romans. The town is situated on the Venetian Bay and it is about 50 km, nice mare in north Italy travel
BIBIONE - It is a modern holiday-centre, liked by many european holidaymakers and foreign tourists. Its large beaches quiet and safe sea, local hospitality makes every visitor feel welcome ... accommodation ...
LIDO DI JESOLO - the biggest centre in the Venetian bay with a 13 km long beach. It is 3 km from the town Jesolo and 50 km southeast from Venice. Lido di Jesolo is divided into 3 districts: Lido East (Pineta), Lido Centre and Zona West (Faro). Nowadays it belongs...
GRADO - an especially attractive town, a holiday centre of the northern Adriatic region, enriched by a beautiful natural, excellent climatic conditions and a more than three-kilometre-long gently shelving sandy beach... of the most beautiful beaches in Italy
RIMINI - The Adriatic coast with its hospitable beaches and excellent seaside holiday places belongs to the famous and most popular destinations in Italy. It offers relax to the visitors on its sandy, wide and gently shelving beaches and is ideal for families for children. Long golden beaches with fine sand and rows of jolly sun shades, sports fields, fun parks, old monuments in historical centres of the cities and towns, elegant shopping centres with tempting shop ...
MARCHE / ABRUZZO - This holiday centre is situated in central Italy, on the border of the regions Marche and Abruzzo. The town was founded in the 9th century B.C. Characteristic for this town are palms (more than 7000), thanks to them it has a tropical character. That is why in this part its called Riviera delle Palme (Palm Beach) in San Benedetto del Troto is 5 km long, fine sand, gently shelving beach...
PUGLIA - The region of Puglia is located in the southeastern part of Italy. It stretches from the "spur" (Gargano) to the heel of boot (Salento). In Apulia you can see antique buildings called "trulli"... hotels
CALABRIA - The southern part of the Apennine peninsula with beautiful nature mostly mountainous countryside with clear seas
SICILIA - it's more than an island! Discover Sicily and discover the world. The world's first multicultural society, Sicily is Italy's (and Europe's) most historically cosmopolitan region, having been ruled... booking hotels and aparments online italy travel

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